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Trash the Dress Tips

July 28, 2012

I adore Trash the Dress sessions! Adore!


This is actually from an editorial shoot I did this past week, but with the white dress it definitely works as a wedding dress.

Trash the Dress sessions are simple-put on your white dress and we trash it. It may involved going in water like this one, dripping paint on it, covering it in dirt/mud, climbing trees in it, laying in the grass, etc.

I like to use these shots to decorate the wedding ceremony/reception locations. They make STUNNING images.

Now I know what you’re thinking “ummm, Katie, if I do this to my dress before the wedding to get the images to decorate…what am I going to wear to my wedding?” Simple answer-get a different dress for the session and wear your real dress to your wedding. You can get a cheap wedding dress or a white prom dress on sale and use that for your session. All the glamour, a tenth of the price. Love.

Want one for yourself? Email and we’ll book it while its still warm out and the water is nice!!!

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