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Our Purpose

Hi and welcome to K.M. Robinson Photography’s Wedding Blog, Bridal Bestie!

This is a place dedicated to showing our wedding photography and sharing tip and tricks for our brides-to-be to help plan their wedding to maximize their memories!

Our goal is to help our brides-to-be plan their wedding so that they end up with some amazing photos at the end of their big day! The wedding itself only lasts for that one day, but the memories live on forever. We want to help our brides plan their wedding so that they get the best possible photos. Photos capture everything, especially the little details people often over look.

By planning your wedding with your photos in mind, you can actually walk away with photos that look even better than it did in person. Your friends and family will forget all the little details you put into your wedding over time-but not if they are captured in a photo that they can look at forever! You will never forget a single detail of all the hard work and effort you put into your wedding if they are captured in photos.

So our goal is to help with “planning your wedding to maximize your memories” so that your special day lives on in glory forever.

Have fun looking around and feel free to send me your own tips and tricks that I can share with my brides!

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