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Five Do and Don’t Tips to Selecting the Right Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

June 23, 2012
I’ve seen a lot of very good, very professional hair and makeup stylists in my day. I’ve also seen some not-so-good ones. So how do you find the ones that will make you look exactly like you want and give you a great experience that you’ll always remember and avoid the ones that arrive looking like they just rolled out of bed, grabbed a tee shirt, and really just want their $20 so they can leave? Here’s a few do and don’t tips to help you find your match:

1. Ask your photographer (and wedding coordinator if you have one) who they recommend. They have been in the business awhile and will have some good recommendations for you on people they know and trust. Don’t just call a salon and ask for prices and select one that way.

2. Ask to see their portfolio. Every hair and makeup artist should have photographs of the work they have done to show you. This may be on their website or if they don’t have a website yet, they should have a portfolio to show you when you meet for your consultation. Don’t just book someone without making sure their style matches your vision.
3. Have a consultation. Meet with your hair and makeup artist to discuss what you want to do. Discuss what they would do to achieve this style for you and how long it would take to achieve that style on your wedding day. Don’t walk in without an idea of what you want to do because if you don’t verbalize what you want, your stylist will not know and you won’t be on the same page.
4. Have a run through. Meet with them the week before and have them style your hair and makeup they way they would on your wedding day. This is good because you can make sure you like the style, you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve it on your wedding day and you’ll have a very good idea about how long it will take you on your wedding day so you can plan accordingly. Don’t just go into blind on your wedding day and hope you get something you like.
5. Make sure you click with your stylist. If you don’t get along wonderfully and communicate well, you will probably end up not being happy with the way you look on your wedding day. Be sure they are professional in the way they talk, act and dress. They will, after all be one of the people you and your girls spend the most time on your wedding day before your ceremony starts and they will be in your photographs and on your wedding video. Your stylist should be able to put you at ease so you are happy and relaxed while you are getting ready. Don’t just hire the cheapest one you can find or just ask a friend to do it (unless they are professional or almost professional)
As long as you find a friendly stylist who is professional in their manner and attire, knows their business (making you look fabulous), and communicates well, you will have a great day getting ready and you will be happy with the way you look all day long.Be sure to check out our:Website  *  Facebook *  Blog *  Bridal Blog *  Twitter * Senior Photography Blog

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