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Cake Inspiration: Blue Flowers and White Swirls

June 8, 2012

Everybody has to get a snapshot of the cake at at wedding. When they bring the cake out all you see is a sea of iphones attached to your guest’s arms swarming the cake table. Obviously the cake is important.

So it’s only right that you would put some effort into creating the details of your cake. And that is why you need to do some research to find out what you like and what fits with your wedding’s theme.

My sister is quiet the accomplished baker. Right now she’s very into cupcakes and cakes. A few weeks ago she was given the task of creating the two tiered white and blue cake for my cousin’s bridal shower.

This is some great inspiration for you if colors happen to be blue! Or…you could always change the colors and use the style!

Now I know how much effort went into this cake because I watched her make it for two days (she also made a ton of cupcakes, etc) So I suggest you get a really nice image of the cake from your photog and put it in a really sweet hand written car for your baker once you’re back from the honeymoon to thank her/him. They put a ton of effort into that delicious piece of heaven wrapped in icing.

To see more of these amazing cake images, check out the full album!

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