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Photo Ops You Don’t Want to Forget About: Bride and Groom Editorial

March 8, 2012

Remember yesterday’s Rock the Frock and Trash the Dress? I bet you, like most brides, were so excited about them that you wanted to book that minute.

I bet you were also wondering if you could bring your man. Good news, there’s a session for that!

It’s called a Bride and Groom Editorial. It’s the exact same thing as a Rock the Frock or Trash the Dress except now it’s about you and your man.

So you both dress up and we rock out some fabulous, fun, high fashion, lovey dovey, exceptional photos of you two to grace your home’s walls, send as thank you cards, and gives as presents to the parents and new in-laws.

We can keep your clothes clean with the Rock the Frock version or get messy with the Trash the Dress version. Side note: the most stunning wedding photos I have ever seen in my life were of a bride and groom in a lake, the bride floating with her groom holding her…anyone brave enough to try?

This can be a stylized session (think The Notebook inspired or Rat Pack inspired, fairytale inspired, etc) where we dress you up, add accessories, and tell a story. Or it can be an extended version of your wedding photos where you don’t have to rush around to get to the reception.

It’s about highlighting the most amazing day of your life and giving you a chance to express yourself more easily without worrying about your hair, your outfits or the time.

And what happens if you want those epic Trash the Dress photos but don’t want to hurt your dress? Simple, get another dress (or suit for the groom) that doesn’t matter. You can get a cheap wedding dress from the bridal store, you can get one from goodwill, you can buy one off the internet, you can get a white prom dress.

It doesn’t have to look like your original dress. You have photos in your original dress. Now, it’s just about looking “bridal” which means a white dress. Grab a  cheap veil from the craft store. You can still achieve the bridal look without hurting your very expensive dress. And seriously, if you’re choosing the Trash the Dress route, no one will be looking to see if your veil is the same, they’ll be looking at how stunning you two look standing in the ocean with the waves crashing around you literally. It’s okay to swap it out…the photos you get will be so stunning no one will ever know the difference!!

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