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Photo Ops You Don’t Want To Miss: Rock the Frock and Trash the Dress

March 7, 2012

Okay, so we’ve touched on engagement photos, bridal glamour photos and we’ve gotten through the wedding day itself. Now the party is over and you still have your dress, one that you’ll never wear out again. Why waste a perfectly good dress? Let’s use it again:

There are two parts to this article. One involves keeping the dress clean, one involves getting the dress dirty. Do not panic. You can choose either way depending on if you want to save your dress or not.

Rock the Frock—this is the non-dress-dirtying version. This is where you put your dress back on for a photoshoot up to a month after the wedding. We go outside with you in your dress and take glam, magazine style photos of you in your dress. You rock out the poses and we have a ton of fun playing models. Your dress stays clean because we intentionally keep it as clean as possible. There is of course the possibilities of some grass on the bottom of your dress but no more than the grass you got on it on your wedding day while taking photos. The only difference is that the session is entirely about the bride and there are no time constraints like on your wedding day.

You can be styled the same or slightly different. You can add bigger jewelry, hats, props, etc. We can get out in the woods, we can have you with a white horse, we can stylize the session. It’s shots that you wish you could get but can’t get on your wedding day.

It’s so fun. I think every bride should do a Rock the Frock because it gives her so many more options AND she gets to wear her beautiful dress again and re-experience the magic of the day.

Trash the Dress—the only difference is that we get the dress dirty. You still come see me up to a month after your wedding. We do hair and make up, put your dress back on, take some awesome Rock the Frock style photos and then we take it a step further.

Often times Trash the Dress sessions involve laying in the grass, climbing trees, jumping in water, floating in a lake, dripping paint on yourself, running through fields, sitting on rocks at the ocean as the waves crash over you…it’s amazing, amazing, amazing stuff!

Either way, Rock the Frock or Trash the Dress sessions are a must for EVERY BRIDE!!! You can only get so many photos on your wedding day. These sessions are all about you, highlight you in your best light in your most important dress, and give you a chance to play and express yourself in your wedding wonderfulness without fear of messing up your hair, hurting your dress, or being late on your wedding day.

More than anything, these are the photos of just you that you will be hanging on your walls from your wedding experience.

Side note: want these epic photos to decorate ON your wedding day?? Get a second dress that doesn’t matter if you damage and do a session before your big day to hang up at the reception!!

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