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Photo Ops You Don’t Want to Forget About: Bridal Glamour

March 6, 2012

Hey brides-to-be! We know we need the engagement photos and the wedding photos and while we’ll get some individual photos of just you on the big day, why not take a little extra time for yourself.


Think about it. You went dress shopping. You tried on how many dresses? You found the perfect one. And everyone will be stunned on your wedding day.


But you can do one better.


Bridal Glamour sessions are so fun for the bride-to-be. They are done in studio (so nothing happens to your dress) about a month before your wedding.


Here’s how it works:


You come to the studio, dress in hand. When you get here we do hair and makeup right here so everything is fresh and lovely and we can guide you to the best makeup and hair look. (This is also a great trial run for the hair style you are thinking of using)


Then we put you in your dress and get you in front of the camera. We take lots of photos of you, in your dress, in front of a solid background.


Here’s what you get out of it:


You learn how to pose in your dress. Face it, you don’t get to wear a ball gown every day. Which means you probably don’t know the best ways to pose in that exact dress. On your wedding day you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera…if you already know what poses work for you and which don’t, you’ll be more confident on your wedding day.

You also get stunning photos of you in your wedding dress that you can use AT the wedding to decorate. There is nothing more breathtaking than walking into the reception and see all these amazing canvases of the couple at their engagement session and the bride in her wedding dress as if they had been taken only moments before and created right then and there and hung for all to see.


So let’s recap: you need a bridal glamour session because you learn how to work that dress AND you have stunning photos of you in your dress to use on your wedding day that will make everyone catch their breath and will make all of your female relatives burst into tears at how beautiful you look in that dress.


Make your mom, sisters, aunts, grandmas, cousins, and other relatives cry when they walk into your reception and see you stunning bridal glamour photos.


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