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Photo Ops You Don’t Want to Forget About: Engagement

March 5, 2012

Today starts a week long series on photo opportunities you don’t want to forget about and miss out on when it comes to your weddings. After all, you only get married once and you want to get all the photos you can out of that dress!!

Today we kick off with the very important and often neglected Engagement Session!!


Most couples think to get engagement photos when they get engaged. Once in awhile couples will not think it is important and skip it.


Don’t ever skip your engagement photos! Here’s why:


Reason 1.) It is a preview of what is to come on your wedding day. Try to work with the same photog so you can learn the way they will be directing. Your engagement shoot is time for you to get used to being photographed and learn how to work your bodies to get the best images. It’s also a time to learn to interact with your soon-to-be spouse in a way that will look stunning in photos. You need an engagement session because it is what gets you ready for your wedding photos.

Reason 2) You will use these photos with your save the dates and wedding invitations. You need nice looking photos to send out to your friends and family. No one is going to keep that photo you snapped yourself while you were out rock climbing together on their refrigerator forever. But send them a nice, professional photo of yourselves and they’ll frame it and it will grace their walls for years to come.


Reason 3.)You will use these to decorate at your wedding. Yes, you will. And you will learn how in a few weeks so I won’t go into a ton of detail, but think card table, the walls at the reception, the foyer before you walk into the church sanctuary, on the reception tables, as center pieces, as favors…yeah, there’s a lot you can do to decorate at your wedding that is completely unique to you and this month we’re going to show you how (so stay tuned)

Reason 4.) Remember reason 3…decorating at your wedding? Well consider this part two….because now you have these stunning pieces of art and the wedding is over. Now you get to take them home and decorate your new house. Hello, you can justify buying that big canvas because it’s for your wedding AND for your house. You can feel free to get a bunch of prints with nice frames because it’s your wedding décor AND home décor. Think about how much better that just made your life! Seriously, dual purpose art that features YOU. Can’t get better than that.


Reason 5.) Engagement photos are timeless. They are photos of you as a couple. They will never go out of style. They will always represent you. Yes you can get some great wedding photos, but are you always dressed up in a tux and gown? No. You can only use your wedding photos as your public photo for so long. (Face it, after a year, people are sick of seeing your profile picture as a wedding picture, you were married a year ago, time to update sweetheart) but a timeless piece will last forever. It will always represent who you are right now in this moment. Don’t miss out because you think it’s not important.

Do something about it: So he’s popped the question. You said yes. Now it’s time to get working. You have a wedding to plan, step one should be select your photographer and book your wedding and engagement session. Capture your love for each other in the most amazing way…by memorializing it in photos. Want to book….email me,


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