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Six Tips for Planning Your Official Wedding Exit

February 8, 2012

Every bride wants to make an entrance (and they all do, they are the bride after all!!) but don’t forget about the exit!

1.) Pick a good mode of transportation. A nice car, a classic car, a limo, a towncar, carriage, a helicopter, horseback, motorcycle, etc

2.) Designate a driver. You never want to drive yourself, so whether you hire a driver or have a groomsman or cousin drive you, make sure you specifically ask someone to be your chauffeur so they know when and where to be. (side note: parents of the bride/groom shouldn’t be driving you around, they should have their own vehicle)

3.) Pick a time when your official exit is visible. I recommend doing your exit from the ceremony site. It’s usually lighter outside which means people can see the stunning mode of transportation you choose and it’s before the party starts which means everyone will still be there to see it and everyone will remember it. It’s not like you have to run off into the sunset before the reception, this is just your official send off (usually involving sparklers, rice, birdseed, bubbles, etc) Also, if it is dark, your photos will be dark. Plan wisely. If you wait until the end of the reception you can run into some snags (your photographer might not be booked to stay that long=no photos, your guest may have already left, your guests may have partied too hard at this point, and it’s dark and no one can see you anyway)

4.) Make sure the public knows its your send off. Make an announcement. Tell them what time to be where (right after the ceremony ends, outside on the church steps….in twenty minutes, up near the house instead of down here by the lake, be sure to pick up a bottle of bubbles….the little girls in the back are handing out sparklers, we’re going to do our official send off it five minutes, please make your way to the back….etc)

5.) Pick a good place to exit from. You do not want a bunch of paper signs all over the doors you are exiting from. Make sure it is a photo worthy location. No venue will mind if you take their signs down for five minutes during you exit. Check with them first, they’ll usually be kind enough to remove them for the duration of your wedding.

6.) Make sure you have something for the crowd to throw or wave at you. Sparklers, bubbles, rice, birdseed, ribbons, confetti, candles, etc are all common ideas! If you are using sparklers, make sure the people in charge don’t light them until right before the couple walks out…unless of course the look you are going for is charred metal. lol Rice and birdseed don’t always photograph the best (and are hard to get out of your bridal hairdo)…bubbles, sparklers, ribbons, etc are great!

Just make sure its what you want, you have plan it so people can see and experience it with you, and you can get great photos of it! Ultimately you need to pick details that match the theme and feel of your wedding. A horse drawn carriage might not work with an ultra modern high fashion wedding. Bubbles have more of a spring/summer feel to them and may stand out against a winter wedding. Make sure it works with your overall plan! Happy planning!

Who did you/are you planning on making your wedding exit? Share below!

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