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Make the Most of Your Location

January 27, 2012

Ever see those stunning photos and wonder “where in the world did they find a background like that?”

Those captivating settings are closer than you think. Take a look at these photos:

Awesome, right? Guess what. Every single one of those photos was taken…in my back yard.

Yeah, all of that…the pond, the rocks, the hill, the field, the bamboo-like-stuff…it’s all on our property here. In fact, I love my studio space here. Not only do I have the indoor studio, but I also have: the pond, the little pond, the rocks, the slide, the pavilion,  the woods, the fields, stone walls, brick chimney, a ton of great little buildings down near the pond made of different woods that are perfect backgrounds, trees, trees with fall leaves (yes, I count trees and fall colored trees as two separate things lol), three different hills, a stone bench, a wood bench, red barn doors, blue barn doors, big wooden mahogany garage doors, swings, a wishing well, a pool, tree stumps, lots of grass, streams, bamboo-like-stuff, lilac bushes, tons of other flowers and flowering bushes, a lovely road surrounded by trees creating a nice little tunnel, and sooooo much more. All right here, literally outside my door.

It doesn’t matter where you are taking your engagement photos or having your wedding. Your photographer will look around and find some amazing things you probably didn’t even notice.  We’re kind of trained that way. I’ve told you before about that photo I love from one of my first weddings as a business. It was of the bride, up close with this stunning mint green and gold glitter swirled background…that just happened to be one tiny little wall in the downstairs girls bathroom. And it remains a favorite among my clients tot his day.

Make sure your photog gets to your location with enough time to do some exploring and planning! You will be so happy you made sure they had that time when you get your photos back!!

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