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Ten Tips to Finding and Training the Perfect Ring Bearer

January 23, 2012

How cute are ring bearers?!?! They steal the show…especially if they look as cute as these little guys!!

Here’s ten tips to select and train your perfect ring bearer:

*Make sure he has a great smile

*He should be brave enough to walk down the aisle without being too traumatized by all the people staring at him

*He should be able to hold a pillow without tipping it over

*Make sure he likes to laugh and have fun, this will help your photographer interact with him and become friends with him so they can get him to look at the camera

*Make sure he can work with the flower girl (nothing says stress-free wedding like a photo of the flower girl punching the ring bearer)

*Be sure to give him lots of time to get to know the groomsmen if he doesn’t already, this way they’ll be buddies and he will behave for them

*Make sure he is comfortable enough in suits (dress clothes) to wear one for the wedding (you might have to warm him up to this if he’s not used to it by having him wear dress clothes around his home for a few hours each day)

*Be sure that he is okay with having his photo taken (this may require you to pull out a point and shoot camera and warm him up to the idea of having his photo taken)

*Practice, practice, practice! Take extra time with the maid of honor and practice having the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle or even with the maid of honor. It will pay off big time on your wedding day. (I did this with the flower girl in my sisters wedding and it was super helpful!!)


*Make sure you really talk up the position with him. If you make it sound super fun and show him how fun it can be, he will love it. If you treat it like it’s just another job, he won’t care. Tell him how excited you are that he’s doing it for you and what a special job it is. The more you talk it up, be prouder he will be to be involved and the smoother things will go!!

Have ring bearer selecting!! Can’t wait to see what little guy you ask to represent you!!

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