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Five Things to Remember When Planning Your Father/Daughter Dance

January 22, 2012

One of my favorite moments at a wedding is the Father/Daughter dance. It’s (usually) a special time between the bride and her dad, the man who taught her what love should look like. After all, he was the first man she ever loved. It the time right after Daddy has let his little girl go and entrusted her to another man. It’s when he says “I love you baby girl, I hate to let you go, but I did and I just want you to be so happy right now.” It’s also some of my favorite photos. The expressions on their faces, the quiet whispers, the long embraces. It’s a magical moment between parent and child.

On that note…it doesn’t always work out that way in person or in photos. Here are five super easy and super important tips to make you Father/Daughter dance perfect in real life and in your photos:

*All eyes will be on the bride and her dad–practice beforehand.

*A song that seems short while you are singing along to the radio is painfully long when you are the only ones dancing to it. Shorten the song to one verse or invite all other fathers and daughters to join you half way through.

*If you do invite others to join you, make sure the DJ knows to announce it to everyone at the right time in the song (find a break in the words)

*Make sure you have the appropriate space in which to dance. If everyone crowds around to watch and take pictures you may end up boxed in and unable to move. The dance floor makes a good barrier for onlookers. If there is no “dance floor” (different than the rest of the flooring) have the DJ specify the designated dance area when they are announcing the songs.

*Smile. Look at dad. Have cute little whisper to each other moments. Hug for several seconds to allow for photos (not a super quick hug) Remember everything you do is for the camera, so while things are faster in real life (like hugs) you need to prolong things to allow for people to get pictures. Otherwise you’ll end up with an awkward leaning in to hug photo and a painful pulling away and starting to smile and just opening your eyes photo. Give it longer than normal and you’re sure to get several good photos of every cute little thing you do. And remember, smile when you talk…those always look best!

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