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Dress Idea: Make Simple Into Unique

January 11, 2012

Hey brides-to-be! Looking for a traditional dress with a little bit of bling? Here’s what one of my brides did:

Can’t find the right dress? Customize one for yourself. Find a simple dress that you like (it fits well, gives you a good shape, you can move in it, etc) then find some beaded appliques, flowers, ribbons, etc and take them to your alterations person. They’ll charge you a small fee and attach whatever you want how you want it. Then you get a dress that fits well, fits your budget, is completely unique and OOAK (one of a kind), and has that punch of bling you wanted! You can find these appliques etc at craft stores, in the craft section of stores like Walmart, or online. I recommend checking out etsy…there are a ton of talented crafters out there who would be more than thrilled to help you find or create your perfect bling. (Also a thought-customize your shoes and jewelry too!!)

Once you’re done make sure your photog gets some incredible dress photos. They should put the dress in a few different locations to get some good shots of it. Just because they think something will look nice doesn’t mean you will like it that way. If they take photos in a few different locations with different backgrounds you definitely find at least one that you like. (Note: backgrounds should be big compared to the dress so it doesn’t minimize the dress -half windows and small bookcases are not good for anything but closeups-door sized windows and huge bookcases are spectacular)

I take photos of the dress in multiple locations with lots of different backgrounds because sometime things that look great in person don’t photograph as well as you think they will. Once I put a dress against white lattice…stunning in person, a flop on film, thought that was definitely the white against white, had it been another color lattice it would have been perfect.

So the overall lesson, make sure you get a photog who focuses on the details of your wedding that will make sure you get great shots of everything, not just the people. ❤

PS in that second pic…check out the book next to it…it says “Silver Wedding”…how perfect is that to describe that dress?!?! Love.

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