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Finding That Special Background

November 23, 2011

A good photographer is completely aware of everything around them. A good photographer is always looking for things to make their photos better and things they can use to their advantage. This means  a lot of things, including unique backgrounds for photos.


Like this background? I love it! It’s a light green with gold swirls in it. No, it’s not something I brought along to pose her against. It’s actually (don’t read on if you won’t want to ruin the magic of it)…..the bathroom wall. Not even the whole wall, a tiny little wall that stuck out into the walk way of the church’s basement bathroom.


All the girls went in at the same time to check their makeup in the mirror and I followed and happened to see this glorious tiny wall in the reflection in the mirror. No one else noticed it. I got the bride’s attention and stood her against the wall. I was literally three feet away from her and backed up against the sink. This is as far away as I could get, but it was perfect.


I have this exact photo as a 16×20 canvas to show my clients and it is simply stunning! And who knew, the most beautiful indoor photo of the day would be taken in the basement bathroom of  the church!!

A good photographer notices everything and uses it to their advantage. A good photographer explores everywhere to find good backgrounds! When hiring your photog…make sure they are inventive and they are aware of the little things other people don’t notice!


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