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Look For the Little Details

November 19, 2011

As a wedding photographer, I love photographing the little details. These are the things most people would overlook. I try to capture even the smallest little details for the couple so that they will never forget all the hard work the bride put into center of the flowers in the bowl of water under the floating candles.

Usually the details are created by people in the decorations around the room or on the invitations. Sometimes, there are unexpected details I can capture. As a photographer I ask a lot of questions about the significance of things I notice and I listen very carefully for what the couple and the bridal party are saying.

At one wedding I was doing over the summer I was chatting with the bride during some down time when someone pointed out a luna moth that had been on the window screen all day. The bride then told me a story about how her mom used to tell her luna moths were fairies and she’d tell her great stories about those fairies.

As lovely as luna months are on their own, the fact that they had been a significant part of the brides childhood made it even more special and I knew we had to capture it for her!

When selecting your wedding photographer, ask to see their detail shots. It’s fine to have the basic “wedding photos” but after all the effort you put into your day, you need to make sure you get a skilled team of photographers who go out of their way to capture each special detail, even the ones you might not think of as special. One day you may look back and remember things you didn’t even realize you spent all that time on and treasure those photos forever.

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