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Five Ways to Relax on Your Wedding Day

November 17, 2011

One of the best tips I can give my brides (and grooms) is to find a few minutes between the ceremony and the reception to be alone. It helps de-stress and gives a little relaxing break in between the day’s craziness. Here’s five ways to do that:

1.) Go for a short walk…this may mean walking back to your house from the ceremony (assuming its close by) it might mean wandering off near the reception location for a few minutes, or just getting away from the crowd after the ceremony and hiding out of sight.

2.) The car ride..some people get limos for the bridal party, some get just a car for the couple, some couples drive themselves…this could be a good time to be away from everyone else. Take the car ride just by yourself.

3.) Eat a sandwich. Yes, I did just say that and yes, I understand you are going to a reception full of food. Do it anyway. Go back to your house, and grab a quick sandwich. You won’t have a ton of time to eat at the reception since you have to go see everybody, which means you’ll end up being hungry and and cranky. A sandwich or snack of some kind will help you not to be hungry and you can enjoy visiting with everyone.

4.) Write. Grab a journal and each of you write an entry on exactly what you are feeling, what you saw, what you did…everything that was important or stood out to you during the ceremony. That way you will get the fresh emotions and you won’t forget anything.

5.) Play a game…a quick board game, card game, a game on your iphone…it helps you relax and focus on something else for a few minutes so you can laugh and breathe.

Have ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them….send them in!!

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