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Comfortable Brides Maids Equal Happy Wedding Day

November 15, 2011

Five Tips to Take Care of Your Brides Maids

1.) Not every brides maid is the same size which means not everything will look flattering on all of the girls. Pick acolor and pick a length and then let them get a dress that looks good on them. The bride, of course, gets the final say. This is especially helpful if some of the girls don’t have the same concept of modesty as the bride does.

2.) Fabric…some fabrics can be hot even if they look light and flowy. If it’s a fabric that the girls will suffocate in, forgo the floor length and opt for knee length to give them some air.

3.) Shoes…you should always wearing heels during the ceremony and during photos. It elongates the body, makes your figure look better, and you walk more ladylike. The heels don’t have to be super high, but definitely higher than kitten heels. They can change into flats for the reception if necessary. But heels are essential for photos and the ceremony. It also helps with posture, which definitely stands out in the photos

4.) Jewelry…should always highlight the dress and never outshine it. Jewelry also works as a great thank you gift for your brides maids.

5.) Do your best to make them feel comfortable. If you demand they all look identical and the shoes hurt, the dress doesn’t fit, etc you will not have happy brides maids on the day of the wedding. You certainly don’t want them looking in pain in your photos and constantly pulling up the top of their dress. They may not say it on your wedding day, but they’ll never forget how uncomfortable they were for your entire wedding. Give them some boundaries and let them have a little freedom so they feel comfortable, and you’ll have happy brides maids who will go above and beyond the call of duty on your big day while still looking as fabulous as you want them too!

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