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Five Reasons to do a First Look Session at Your Wedding

November 8, 2011

Five Reasons to do a First Look Session at Your Wedding…

1.) You have a few minutes to yourselves without anyone else being around. It allows you to enjoy each other, really see how stunning the other person is, express emotions you couldn’t express in front of two hundred of your closest friends, and relax if you are nervous.

2.) It captures that intimate moment when the groom first sees his almost-wife at close range. Both the bride and groom are in the same photo, no one’s head can block the camera, and it captures that first hug between the almost-man-and-wife at that first moment of pure joy when they see each other the first time.

3.) It gives the couple a few minutes to figure out how to pose together with the wedding dress. This is the time we do the couple photos of just the bride and groom. Doing this means we don’t have to rush around doing this after the ceremony. It gives the couple time to relax and be themselves all dressed up.

4.) It is also the perfect time to do bridal party photos and even family photos. We can be off taking photos where the crowd can not see the bride while people file into the venue and get ready for the ceremony. After the ceremony the bride and groom can just enjoy their receiving line and spending time with friends and relatives without having to rush off for photos. This is also great because it gives us more time if we want to go somewhere else for more photos too (like the family lake, or the farm, or the gardens, etc) It also gives time for the family members who weren’t there earlier to get photos with the couple. If we can get the professional family photos out of the way before the ceremony, than all the relatives with iphones can get their photos after with us getting in each other’s way!

5.) Finally, and this is my personal opinion, you get stunning photos of the bride and groom in a private moment to themselves (and the photog lol) and you just don’t get the same quality of loveliness in photos where the groom doesn’t see the bride until she’s walking down the aisle. Sure, he smiles, but it’s a long smile that’s hard to hold that long and can end up looking a little awkward in photos. I’ve even had grooms that haven’t smiled at all when his bride walks in. First Look ensures that you capture the elation on both the bride and groom’s faces when they see each other close up for the first time.

I am totally and completely in love with First Look sessions!


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