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One Of the Worst Mistake You Can Make When Hiring A Photographer

October 5, 2011

I’ve recently been to several weddings where the bride and groom hired a local photographer and they showed up by themselves with their camera. When I see them, my heart sinks. It’s one of the worst things you can do when hiring a photographer.

You shouldn’t ever hire less than two photographers. I don’t even offer packages with less than two photographers to my clients it is so important. I always bring a second photographer with me, at times even more than that.

Here’s why:

*While I focus on the bride, my second photog focuses on the groom

*While I’m focused on the couple, my second photog focuses on the bridal party and friends and family standing off to the side

*while I’m focused on the bridal party, my second photog can watch what the flower girl and ring bearer are doing

*a second photog can get different angles than me

*a second photog can zoom in on one or two people while I get the entire picture

*a second photog can capture what I don’t have time for

*a second photog can see things I can’t see while I have a camera up to my face

*I can have the second photog take some of the more straight forward shots while I get to take more artisic shots

(mommy/daughter moment captured while the main photog was off somewhere else)

I am absolutely horrified when a photographer shows up alone. As a photographer myself, I see everything they miss. These are the things a second photographer is trained not to miss. There are times when the bride and groom see some of the photos I took as a guest and like them better than what their photographer took because it captures moments the main photog can’t see in the hustle of the day (ex: the flower girl hugging her bride’s maid mom, the special quiet moment between the bride and her dad, the bride’s siblings laughing off to the side while the couple is being photographed, etc)

(bridal party moment captured while main photog was outside with the groomsmen)

(ring bearer during the ceremony)

I have spent a lot of time acting as a second photographer before I started my own business. My father photographed a lot of weddings for people and I always followed him around with my camera and got shots he didn’t. I’ve been trained to look for certain things the main photographer misses because they are busy with the main photos. I then make sure my second photogs know what to be looking for so that while I’m busy with the main photos, they get the rest. There are even times when I bring a third photographer with me. You’d be amazed at how much the couple falls in love with the photos that weren’t expected.

As a professional photographer, I am begging you to hire a photographer who brings along at least one other photographer. If there’s a photog that you really like, check with them before you book with them. Make sure they have a team they work with. If not request that they bring along a second photog. If they won’t…walk away. Even if it’s a friend of the family, walk away. This is about you getting the best photographs possible. This is about planning your wedding to maximize your memories. Put you first this time. Hire at a photog with at least one second photographer and your photos will be instantly better!

(during bridal party photos I caught this little guy hamming it up over in the trees)

(one photog focuses on the bride while the other catches the grooms look when he first sees his soon-to-be wife)

The best weddings have at least two photographers running around working with their cameras to capture every moment of your wedding bliss. Don’t miss out on amazing photos just because you didn’t check to make sure there would be at least two photographers covering your wedding. (PS your uncle does not count, he’ll be focused on you just like the main photog and he will miss everything else)

How many photographers were at your wedding? I personally think I will end up training about seventeen people to photograph my wedding someday. Haha Just kidding…well, maybe.

(maybe everyone else didn’t notice puppy hanging out, but now no one will forget this moment)

(another mommy/son moment while the bride and groom were being photographed)

Be sure to share this with all your bride-to-be friends and family members…you don’t want them to miss out on the best possible photos do you?

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