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How to Cut Your Cost for Decorations and Favors in Half

September 23, 2011

Paying for your reception is expensive, but there is an easy way to cut your décor budget way down. Couponing. It’s so easy to do as long as you put a little time and effort into it.


Here’s how I saved a ton of money on my sister’s wedding:


1.)  “Like” A.C. Moore and Michaels on facebook

2.)  Every week A.C. Moore puts up coupons, usually 40-50% off one regularly priced item or 25% off total  purchase including sale items—print these out

3.)  Get your friends and family (brides maids)together and give them each two coupons (did you know Michaels accepts A.C. Moore coupons and vise versa?!?!)

4.)  If you each go and buy one thing with the coupon from each store every day the coupon is available you can get almost everything you need on serious sale-you just stretch out your purchases for a few weeks (plus it totally helps with your bank account)

5.)  Plan accordingly and purchase things in a time sensitive manner (purchase your invites before you purchase candy, purchase those mirrors you need that may not be there later before you purchase fake flower petals for the card table)

6.)  Total up all your savings (keep a running record) and you will feel so good about how much money you saved yourself on your wedding

The best part is you can use couponing for a lot of your wedding materials and at a lot of different stores. Do you research, find out what coupons are available, where you can use them and what for. Sometimes instead of buying your centerpieces already done up you can figure out how to make them yourself and save a ton of money by couponing on the individual components of the centerpieces.


What is the first thing you would buy with your 50% off coupon?

Let us know how much you saved once you started couponing for your wedding!

Be sure to pass this along to all of you bride-to-be friends!!

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  1. littledarlingsnurseryart permalink
    September 24, 2011 10:02 pm

    So pretty and I love purple!! Nice job 🙂

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