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What to Wear to Your Photo Session: Wedding Guest Edition

September 12, 2011

Everyone knows how the bride and groom dress on the day of their wedding, but they aren’t the only ones who need to be picture perfect!

Every guest that has ever attended any wedding has ended up in pictures. Many times you look back through those photos and wonder what you were thinking. Sometimes things that look okay in person do not photograph well at all.

Which brings us to our next installment of “What to Wear to Your Photo Shoot: Wedding Guest Edition”

I went to a wedding as a guest two days ago (which was sooo weird) and so that morning I took a bunch of potential outfits outside and photographed them (excuse the shadows on some of them, it was just me trying to photograph them and the wind kept blowing the dress all over and the tree branches got in the way, it’s a wonder nothing landed in the mud!!)


A dress with a little bit of print on it photographs (overwhelming floral does not) This dress is great because of the vibrant dominant color. The black belt across it ties in the little black short sleeve sweater over it. It make the person stand out, the colors pop, and it photographs beautifully. (hint: pick a dress with one dominant and accents of one or two other colors)


This halter top fuchsia colored dress is perfect to wear to a wedding. It is light, flowy, and airy. The rosette detailing at the top adds some dimension to the dress and catches they eye but is not overwhelming. Its also great for dancing at the reception. It moves really well and you can work it so when it moves as you walk it cools you off if the church is really hot. (hint: flowy fabric is good, it creates pretty lines, moves nicely and keeps you cool)


This is a simple black and white dress that acts as a great neutral color. The green sweater over it gives it a pop of color and looks simply amazing. Sweaters can act like shoes and give the outfit a pop of color when the outfit is more toned down. (hint: pops of color can have a greater impact than a dress screaming that color at everyone who looks at you)


This is a solid black dress with a really wide belt. The thing I love about this dress is that it’s a jersey material so it’s really moveable. I can take the same dress and move the neckline around to make it look like an entirely different dress. I’ve worn it close to my neck, farther out on my shoulders, and completely off my shoulders and every time people think it’s a new dress. (hint: pick a dress you can wear different ways to get more use out of it)

Nothing is more sophisticated than a tea length dress with long sleeves. It is simply stunning in a solid color with simple jewelry. If you push it off your shoulders a bit it is even better. (hint: long sleeves say sophistication and elegance)



This is a lovely grey, scoop neck dress with rosette detailing along the top. The rosette placement makes it difficult to wear a sweater with it, so i suggest a scarf (as seen in the picture below) It is a neutral color so the scarf should definitely add a pop of color. (hint: rosettes are amazing and scarves as wraps are a great alternative to a sweater or jacket)


See isn’t it cute with the sweater?!?!


So there you have it: some great ideas to wear to a wedding as a guest.

Just remember:

*never out shine the bride

*if you are a guest, you are not a brides maid, and you should not dress as fancy as a bridesmaid

*do not wear mostly white. EVER. that is rude to the bride. If you are wearing a white dress it needs to have color on it. Or make sure you wear a colored sweater (even if it’s black) Some girl wore a white dress (al la homecoming?) to my cousin’s wedding the other day and I kept seeing her and thinking it was the bride. Ladies, be respectful and don’t wear anything that could even begin to be confused with the bride. (unless specifically asked to wear all white to the wedding of course)

Be sure to take a pic of your gorgeous outfit from the next wedding you go to and send it in to us! We love to hear from you! Happy outfit designing!!


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