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Photo-perfect Make Up Tips: My Look

September 9, 2011

One of the things I tell you over and over again, dear brides-to-be, is choose your wedding day makeup carefully. You want it to last all day without it smearing or fading too much. You also want to steer clear of shiny makeups because it does not photograph well.

Today I want to show you one way you can do your makeup that photographs well, lasts all day, and looks stunning in person. Please note, I am not a makeup artist, I’ve had no training with the “proper way” to do make up. This is just one of the ways I do my make up and it works for me. I used to show girls at college to how I do it and they started using it and it worked for them to. This is not how you have to do your makeup to get good photos, this is just one way you could do your make up.

Please enjoy the hand drawn photos (because when I decided to do this blog post I had already done my makeup for the day and it was too late to photograph it step by step lol)



Okay, so this is how I typically do my makeup. This was taken at the end of the day a few days ago so my makeup had been on all day, I had gone all over the place and done a lot that day. This is how well it held up.


So here we go..the step-by-step:


Here’s what you’ll need: light brown eye shadow, dark brown eye shadow, purple eye shadow, concealer, eye liner, mascara, sine free loose powder


Step 1: Make up needs to last all day. If you are using a power based eye shadow(s) it tends to fall off during the day. To fix this, I take concealer and put it on my eye lid and up to my brow line. I use Maybelline Cover Stick. It is excellent!  Also, now is the time to put on your eye liner on your upper and lower lids.

Step 2: Take you light brown eye shadow and sweep it from just above your eye lid up to your brow. Don’t be afraid to put in one dark, by the time you’re done it will be the perfect color.

Step 3: Sweep the dark brown eye shadow on your eye lids. Blend in with a clean brush.

Step 4: Add the light purple (or any other color to match your outfit)just above your eye lid and blend into the other colors.

Step 5: Top it off with your mascara, touch up your eye liner and you’re good to go. Your makeup will last all day, look great, and photograph perfectly!


To finish it off, use the same concealer under your eyes to prevent dark circles (even if you don’t think you need it, YOU DO!!!) and top with shine free loose powder all over your face to even out skin tone, prevent shine (even if you don’t looks sweaty in person, you can in photos) and keep everything from smearing.


And that, dear brides-to-be, is one way to have amazing photogenic make up for your wedding day. The best part is, with these particular brands, you get a touch of sparkle in person, but it doesn’t photograph weird.


Here’s what I used:

Eye Shadow (dark brown): Cover Girl (I’m gonna look up specific color tonight at the store)

Eye Shadow (light brown): Cover Girl (I’m gonna look up specific color tonight at the store)

Eye Shadow (light purple): Almay intense i-color trio for browns 021

Mascara: Cover Girl lash blast volume waterproof black brown

Concealer: Maybelline Cover stick concealer ivory

Eye Liner: Almay intense i-color for blue eyes brown topaz

Loose Powder: Maybelline sine free loose powder Light 01


Hope this helped! of course you can try this out and tweek it to fit what you are looking for! I look better in browns than blacks on my eye, so that’s why I got with browns. You should try it out a couple of times with different colors and see which is best for you! Hey if you do try it out, send me a pic-I’d love to see!!

Happy glamouring!!

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