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Show off that Bling with a Bring the Rings Session

July 21, 2011

He spent forever picking out the perfect engagement ring. Then you spent forever picking out the perfect wedding bands. They are a very important part of the ceremony (unless you’re a prince apparently) and people ooo and ahh over them for a few minutes when you first get them. After that, you’ll occasionally get some comments on how pretty they are when people see them on your hand, but really how often is that? Of course your photographer takes a few shots of them during the reception and maybe while you are getting ready, but those shots are so limited to the location and what is on hand.

I’ve seen many, many shots of the rings from other photographers…in the bouquet, on the favor boxes, next to some of the candy you give away, on the shoe heel, and they’re all cute, but all the same old thing. How do you break out of the boring box and do something exciting and completely expressive of you with your wedding ring photos?

Trust me, it’s not hard, all you have to do is a Bring the Ring session. This a session before or after the wedding (I recommend before as you may want to display the photos at the reception) that only lasts for 15 minutes where you bring all three of your rings to your photographer and they photograph them uniquely for you.

For example, they may be hanging off some flowers in the garden. Or with a teacup (if that has some significance for you) or with your wedding shoes and a hat box and some daisies. You can even bring things that have some significance to your relationship, like dried petals from the first bouquet he ever gave you, or tickets to the first play you saw, or the stuffed bear he won you at the fair on your first date, or your wedding invitations!!!! It can completely express you as a couple!

This can also be done with just the engagement ring when you first get engaged, although that is much easier to do during your engagement shoot as it tends to be at a pretty location anyway that lends itself to doing that without a huge crowd of people!

I highly recommend doing a Bring the Ring shoot simply because you will not have a chance to highlight your gorgeous bands at the wedding and they will be MUCH more unique and personal this way. (And seriously, when people look at them on your hand they just glance and don’t really appreciate all the detail and beauty of them…but they can’t ignore how stunning they are in your photos!!)

To see more photos from this Bring the Rings Session, check out the facebook album here!

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  1. littledarlingsnurseryart permalink
    September 24, 2011 10:04 pm

    Wow the rings in the flowers are just amazing!!

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