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Childhood dream come true…Mary Kate + Evan

June 28, 2011

She felt like she was going to be sick for an entire day but to look at it I couldn’t tell. He wasn’t too smiley, but for her, he smiled. And once they saw each other, there was nothing but love and pure happiness written all over their faces.


I do believe they were the sweetest people ever. I had an amazing time working with Mary Kate, Evan, their bridal party and their entire family.


Brides maids, Lea Ann and Monica, were fabulously photogenic and had personalities that matched. I just wanted to be best friends with them after knowing them for an hour.

Flower girl Katie was the epitome of an adorable girl with her blonde curls, big smile, and giggle that made you want to skip down the road and jump up in the air like you did when you were her age.

Ring bearer Connor was the biggest ham I’ve ever met. Connor decided he’d rather throw petals with his little sister so he escorted her down the aisle. He posed for every photo, played peek-a-boo with me, came up with a nickname for me to call him (hello, muffin) and I probably have more photos of him than anyone else simply because he started directing me to take his photo [but wait ’till I say go!-runs to far away tree and hide in its leaves-go!]

Mama of the bride was so wonderfully un-matronly. Honestly, I would have gone with older sister of the bride had I not been informed before hand. She was incredibly happy, loved to joke and laugh, and was probably having the most fun of anyone in the room.


After knowing them for an hour I had fallen in love with their family. And of course, the guys of the family were great also, and the groomsmen were definitely good for a few laughs during the course of the afternoon/evening.

The wedding day was even graced with a special gift from the bride’s childhood. Mama of the bride took me outside and showed me the most lovely luna moth outside on the porch window. It has been there all day. When her daughter was little, she told her stories about how the luna moths were fairies. It was such a special moment when we photographed the bride and her childhood fairy.

I was truly honored to have been asked by my dear childhood friend Megan to help with this wedding. She is a photographer also who usually works with her husband as her second shooter. He, however, could not get off work, so she contacting me. At the end of the night, we both agreed, it was one of our favorite weddings ever!


To see the full album of Mary Kate and Evan’s wedding, check it out here!

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