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When it rains…plan a shower!

June 22, 2011

So your bff or sister is getting married. You’re in the bridal party, maybe even maid of honor. Which means you are in for a lot of work. First step of planning (without consulting the bride-to-be) is planning the bridal shower.


Step 1: Pick a theme.


For my sister’s shower, we pick an English tea party theme because she used to collect tea cups and she started to drink tea recently (she used to hate it)

Step 2: Pick a location.


Find a hall, a church, a restaurant, a friend’s home, maybe a lovely pavilion or tent outside. Just pick something that reflects you theme, and of course, that you can affoard.


Step 3: Invitations


Obviously I am a photographer and webdesigner, and designer of all things pretty including invitations, so I made my own custom invites. I recommend adding some personal flare to every invite. Even if you are not crafty, you can always add a littler personality to the invites everyone buys from the store. (think bows, calligraphy, glitter, photos,  stamping, scrapbook stickers, etc…always consider theme and the bride’s personality)


Do not forget to buy envelopes (if you are making them yourself) and stamps. Also you will need a list off all the women invited to the wedding.

Step 4: Finding decorations


If you are not crafty, find someone who is. You do not want the shower you are throwing to be labeled as a lame attempt for the rest of eternity. Check out what you are ready have among the brides maids and their families (often times, you moms will have decorative stuff too)


Then look for things at yard sales. You can find incredible gorgeous decorative stuff at yard sales.


Of course you should also hit craft stores like A.C. Moore and Michaels. Best stores ever!! And A.C. Moore puts out coupons for 40%, 50% off one regularly priced item all the time (and sometimes 20% off whole purchase) If you each take a coupon in and get one thing every day for as long as it runs at you’ll get everything at half off-ish….and if you plan ahead and do it for a few weeks, you’re seriously going to save a ton of money. PS A.C. Moore’s coupons are also accepted at Michaels and vise verse!!


Step 5: Food


Of course you can have it catered, but it’s so much nicer when you make everything yourselves (if you want it catered I have a list of great local caterers you NEED to check out!!)


You can make it a meal or just hor durves . Check out the local bakeries. We got our cakes from one, and our cupcakes from another. I made cake pops (before Starbucks thought of it!!!!) we made cookies, and all sorts of yummy things. Oh yeah, since the color was pink, most of the food was pink (pink icing, pink candy, etc)

Step 6: Decorating


Go the day before to decorate. Do not wait, it’s too much to do on that day. Especially if you hit some hang ups (we had ours well planned out and even we hit some snags)


Arches are amazing. Lighting is the most important thing you can do. You should incorporate everyone’s thank you gift into your decorations. (We used the tea cups everyone drank out of as their gifts)


Make sure you have a separate chair for the bride-to-be to sit in when opening presents. This should be a special, decorated area/chair. We put ours under the arch, away from the tables so no one but the bride sat in it.

Even the games you pick can go with the theme. So have fun with it!


Play music for background noise. These should be wedding-y songs. Not just anything on your ipod. That is inappropriate. It is a bridal shower, not a graduation party.


Even your outfits should reflect the shower. You should never be in jeans for a shower of any kind. Dresses are important. If you are not a dress person, dress pants and a very dressy shirt are acceptable, but not really if you are a brides maid.


Take time for everyone to work together on setting up the decorations. Set the food up (and yes, food is part of the décor also) right before the shower starts.


Make sure you are done setting up at least 40 minutes before the shower is set to begin (people will show up early)


Step 7: Enjoy the shower.


Make sure you are attentive to the bride-to-be. You are the ones that help hand her presents and pick up the wrapping. One of you must sit by her and write down who gave her what for the thank you notes. You must say hello to everyone, make sure everyone has enough to eat, and inform everyone what is going on when. You need to be taking pictures for the bride.


Step 8: Clean up.


Do I really need to explain this part? Have fun.

 Have fun planning your shower. Start early so you don’t feel rushed at the end. If you need any help with ideas or themes or decorations, email me at with subject line “Bridal Bestie Shower Idea Help” and I will get back to you asap with some great ideas for you!! ❤

To see more photos (and get great ideas) from this shower, check out the full album (sorry, I couldn’t get the small link to work right and didn’t feel like fighting it)!!

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