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Find Your Center (Piece)

June 18, 2011

Want to add a personal touch to your centerpieces? Why not make them yourself?

Today’s suggestion is a ceramic vase with silk flowers in it.

You can even customize it to match your colors. Buy a ceramic vase and paint it whatever color you want. Go for more of a matte finish instead of a glossy finish so that it does not glare in your photos. You can even add jewels, or little painted details. You don’t have to keep it just one solid color. (For example, if your dress has little pink flowers on it, paint little pink flowers on the vases to match)

Then get silk flowers (you can also use real flowers if you want) and make an arrangement that fits your wedding.

You can even take some wire and bend it in a circular shape (as pictured) and put it in the middle of the flowers. Then you can put a photo from your engagement pictures in the top of it for all of your guests to “ooo” and “ahh” over. This puts your engagement photos to good use as well. If you put a different one at each table it will encourage everyone to go around and see them all, thus meeting/greeting a lot of people along the way at the different tables. So really, you’ve just turned your centerpieces into a social event!! Go you!

Then you can put flower petals, or jewels or candles around the flower arrangement centerpiece to expand the space it takes up and draw in the whole table instead of just a small centerpiece in the center.

Happy decorating! More centerpiece ideas to come. Keep Checking back!

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