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The cutest little thing

June 14, 2011

One of the most fun things to watch at a wedding is the flower girl. She will almost certainly have on a big poofy dress, adorable little shoes, and a bow or flowers in her freshly curled hair. She spins and spins and decided she must certainly be a princess in that dress. And she is right.


Nothing beats those adorable little flower girl photos your photog gets. So let’s talk about how to plan what the flower girl is wearing to get the best photos.

It’s hard to go wrong with a flower girl dress. Try staying away from ultra shiny, as we’ve discussed before, shiny doesn’t photograph nicely.  Other than that, go for it!


Instead of buying an expensive dress in a store, check out what is online. My sister’s flower girl wore a dress they found online and order. It was soooooo much cheaper than anything we could have found in the store. And it was absolutely perfect! It even had little details on it that went with the detailing on the bride’s dress. Hello-could it get more perfect?!?! So be sure to check out what is online first-it’ll save you a bundle!


I also recommend having the photog (or probably more likely your photog’s second photog) taking  a good ten minutes and just follow the flower girl around and get a bunch of pics, some posed, some not posed. They really make for amazing photos!

PS Apparently you brides can buy your wedding dresses online too—not that I would ever do it, I’d be way to afraid-but it’s def a way to save a buck.  My bff actually knew a girl who did that and ended up loving it. Something to think about.


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