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Not just for picnics anymore

June 14, 2011

I learned a very important lesson at my sister’s outdoor wedding this past Sunday. Bugs are a problem. A serious one.

There was an ant crawling around on the groom’s neck, there were about four smaller ants crawling around in the brides dress, the groomsmen had ants on them and I can’t even tell you how many times I (the maid of honor) got bit on the arms and neck by things and I couldn’t move to brush them off. Oh yeah, not to mention after the ceremony we discovered the bride’s dress was covered in little red things that we figured was like pollen…until we noticed they were moving. Yes, she was covered for the next hour in tiny red spiders crawling all over her white dress (and the flower girls white dress) It was a nightmare in bug city.

So be prepared to have you bride’s maids clean the bugs off your dress in between photos. And I mean in between each and every photos or they will show up in the photos, or potentially bite you. Those little things are hard to get rid of.

Just be prepared for the bugs to come to your ball and you’ll be fine. But you may want to take some white fabric outside at the same time of day the day or two before the ceremony and leave it out for a bit and just check to see what yucky bugs come crawling out so you know what the bride’s maids have to be aware of to keep you from getting bit.

PS Even if you think you got them all off, you will still find you missed some once you get into the car to go to the reception. So check carefully, and just remember in a few hours you will be somewhere tropical and it won’t matter anymore!

PPS maybe you’ll get some pretty insects like butterflies too-that would be great!

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