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How to keep the flower girl calm

June 14, 2011

While we’re talking about flower girls, here’s another tip to help ensure good photos. Make sure the maid of honor spends a lot of time with the flower girl the day of the rehearsal.


If the flower girl is young she will probably get scared when she sees all the people there for the ceremony. She may burst into tears, refuse to move, or even run away.


On the day of my sister’s rehearsal, I spent a good hour with the flower girl. She was my cousin’s daughter and she knew me a bit but was still nervous at first. So she and I spent an hour walking and skipping up and down the aisle, learning how to hold the basket and throw petals. By the end up it she was calling my name when she couldn’t see me and picking up the petals she had thrown on her way back up the aisle.

This was really good because the next day at the wedding, she got scared of all the people. Instead of walking by herself behind me, she and I Pippa Middleton-ed it down the aisle. (In case you missed the royal wedding, the Maid of Honor, held the flower girls hands and walked down the aisle)


When the flower girl froze, the Maid of Honor is able to help her keep walking and throw the petals and get to where she needs to be. Plus…super cute photos!!


The Maid of Honor can also help get the flower girl into the group photos and possible even to smile for them.


Extra bonus: When the photog tried to take the flower girls’ photo she would not let him, so I pulled out my camera and she let me take a bunch of photos of her, thus enabling the photog to get some shots too!!


It’s all about making the little girl comfortable and you do whatever you have to do to make sure she’s comfortable. Even if that means she’s glued to your leg and your leg alone the whole wedding (unless mommy is there, mommy always gets chosen over anyone else!!!)


So spend a little time with her, I also suggest the bride doing this as well if you want super cute bride and flower girl pics, so that she is comfortable enough to be around the people she likes and trusts for photos!!


Happy petal tossing!


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