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Wedding Fever

June 3, 2011

Has anyone caught wedding fever yet? This afternoon I am photographing a wedding as a second photographer (first time I’ve been a paid second photog, stress on the paid part, I’ve done it plenty of times for free!!) with a dear friend of mine from my childhood.  Then I turn around and immediately start rehearsal and set up stuff for my little sisters wedding which is on Sunday. Not to mention I just did a sunrise (like 6am) engagement shoot on Wed. So it’s been al wedding, all the time (for like 6 months)

Anybody else running head first into wedding season?

And of course, come Monday, I will be buried in editing and retouching. Which of course you know is my favorite part of the whole profession photography process (please note the joking tone in my voice, as editing is my least favorite part, but at least I get awesome results!!)

Here’s one of my favorite pics from the sunrise shoot:

Happy wedding-ing everyone!!

PS I’m totally excited about our new feature “Petals”!!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, run, do not walk, to go see what I’ve come up with! Super exciting about the whole concept!!

PPS Anybody know how I can go outside without getting burned before having to be in my sister’s bridal party wedding pictures? Even with sunscreen, I get burned, and rarely tan. *Sigh*

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