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Before Two, there is One and One (and that should be photographed too)

May 29, 2011

Of course you have picked your fabulous photographer for your wedding, but what about all the stuff that comes before the wedding? That’s some of the most fun and memorable things about the wedding that you will look back on too.

Talk to your photog. Often times they will also be available to document the pre-wedding activities as well. Usually the photog will come to the rehearsal the night before. But there are other things too that would be amazing to photograph.

I suggest having your photog come for your bridal shower. You will get amazing photos from your shower. If you plan far enough in advance, have your photog come to one of your dress fittings with you and your brides maids.

Another great idea is planning events the week of your wedding for you and your bridal party and family to do together. Especially if your bridal party does not know each other. It would be so fun to take an afternoon and go bowling or mini golfing together. Not to mention it would be incredible photos for your album! You could even go for ice cream in the summer, or go ice skating in the winter. Or maybe just take a walk together down a country road or in the woods and pose for some photos of the bride party without the dresses and tuxes. You could even set up an actual photo shoot where you are intentionally posing for the camera. It would be like your own personal professional photo booth. (just think about the fun photos you could get-all the groomsmen up in trees, the bride’s maids model shots, everyone jumping into a pool, etc)

If you are having a day when your putting together your center pieces or bouquets, or making cookies for the big day, ask your photog to come document it.

Of course this will be an additional fee for your photo to come along, but talk with them and maybe you can work out a package deal where you pay a certain amount and they cover a certain amount of pre-wedding event hours. Of course if you can get a lot into one day, that would help with your photog’s scheduling.

Just think of how priceless those photos will be when you are looking back on your wedding time and you can not only remember the fun things you did but have amazing professional photos to remember those events by!

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