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Take 1, Take 2…Retouching

May 4, 2011

Let’s talk about the difference between hiring a professional and just having Uncle Tim phtograph your wedding. In the coming weeks we’re going to talk a lot about this concept, each time focusing on a different part of the process.

Today’s topic is retouching. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I spend a lot of time editing the photos my clients see because I wawnt them to have the best experience possible.

I personally don’t change coloring a lot. Sometimes I will black and white a photo, but that about it. I have a really great camera that captures the real life colors magnificently so I don’t have to do much with the color. However, we know that even while we try to look perfect at our wedding sometimes life gets in the way.

People get blemishes.  People sweat. People get cuts and bruises. And all of it is captured on film. In fact, the camera captures everything so well that things you don’t even notice in person are brought out in film. For example, you may not notice how shiny a person’s face is in person, but you will see it in the photos. A person’s face may not look red in person, but on film it captures it perfectly.

Now nobody wants to look shiny or red, or full of blemishes on the photos that will be hanging in their home forever. That’s where I retouch those photos. I make sure everything still looks realistic, but I will remove anything that is not normally there. I remove blemishes, cuts, bruises, redness, and shine from the photos.

Often times people don’t even realize all the work I put into retouching the photos my clients see. Which is why I’m going to show you the difference in a few photos below.

Now remember, out of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of photos I take, I chose several hundred of the best to show my bride and grooms. Then I take those several hundred and retouch each and every one that needs some touch ups. This takes hours and hours to do.

My heart and soul goes into the finished products for my clients so that they have the best wedding experience I can possibly give them. I give a lot of credit to my photographer friends because I know just how much time and effort they put into giving their clients a good experience.

In the coming weeks we’ll talk more about what the difference is between hiring a professional and just asking a friend or relative to document your wedding day. So keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

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