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Gifts for the Happy Couple

April 28, 2011

Today I want to share something I do for all my brides and grooms with you. This is information you find out when you book your wedding with me, but I don’t normally talk about it to anyone who hasn’t booked a wedding with me yet because their isn’t really a need to share it.

I always set up a special part of my website for my bride and groom on their viewing gallery. Both before and just after the wedding there is a section of their viewing site that is dedicated to gifting the couple certain presents. It’s just like setting up a registry with Bed Bath and Beyond but for your big photo prints and products. I put all available products up for the friends and family to see but there can also be a part where they have registered for specific things (photo book, special photo frame, etc) The family and friends can then go online and purchase those prints or products for the couple before the wedding as their present or as a nice gift afterwards.

This is in addition to the viewing gallery where friends and family can purchase their own copies of the wedding photos so that the bride and groom does not have to do it for them. It makes life much easier on the bride and groom!

I don’t know how many other photographers do the gifting part of the site, but from what I have seen not many if any at all. I like to do this because photo memories of your wedding day are so important. A bride and groom would typically love to purchase everything they see, from custom frames to keepsake boxes. We all know, however, that they can’t afford everything, especially after paying for a whole wedding. This is where it comes in handy to have the ability to let friends and family gift certain items to them. The bride and groom has just increased the amount of photo memories they can get because it is being gifted by someone else.

Often times the parents of the couple will gift things like photo books and canvases to the bride and groom. Friends of the couple may gift keep sake boxes, trivets, pillow cases, etc. Grandparents might gift necklaces or bracelets to the bride. Aunts and uncles may gift scrapbooks, photo collages or photo frame collages. There is so much that friends and family could gift to the bride and groom. Especially if they couple doesn’t need twenty five toasters!

I like to set this up as a special extra to my clients because it helps give them options. Check with your photographer to see if they do something similar. It really is a great option for a couple!

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