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Fit for a Princess

April 28, 2011

As the royal wedding approaches I am beginning to catch royal wedding fever. I fought it for so long but as the day approaches I find myself actually considering getting up at 4am to watch the news coverage. Not looking forward to the 4am part, but I have a feeling I’ll be sorry if I don’t do it.

When I think about a royal wedding my mind leaps to tiaras (don’t ask why because I don’t know) So let’s talk about head pieces, shall we? Tiaras, veils, hats? Well, it depends on your dress, your age, and the style and theme of your event. Personally I love a tiara and veil. Some brides will choose one or the other. Some may even opt to forego it all and just wear a pretty barrette.

There are just a few things we should discuss when it comes to veils. When walking down with your father the veil is often covering your face. This is a great and lovely tradition. Just be aware that the veil does make you look a little different in photos. Depending on the material at first glance it may even seem a little blurry even though its not. On this same note, once you reach the groom, your father will be uncovering your face. Work with him before hand so that he knows how to lay it correctly. Once he moves the veil, no one else is going to touch it and if he puts it back funny you will spend the entire ceremony like that. Work with him before hand so you don’t have to look at it in your photos forever and cringe.


Of course veil placement also depends on your hair style. Your veil may be low and you won’t be able to put it over your face and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just remember veils can get heavy so make sure your stylist puts it in your hair so you can take it out during the reception so you don’t get a head ache. Same could be said of tiaras or any accessory in your hair. Make sure you can take them out without ruining your perfect wedding hair so you don’t end up suffering at your reception.

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