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Let the Pros Handle It…

April 17, 2011

You want your wedding to be perfect. Even if it’s not perfect, you want to remember it as perfect and that is why your photos are so important. That is why you spend hour finding the perfect photographer. That is why you set aside precious money to buy your prints and products after your wedding. That is why you don’t want all of that time and money to be wasted because something got in the way of your perfect photos.

So how do you avoid this disaster? First you have to educate yourself and then educate your friends and family. It’s fine for family members to take their own photos but you have to remember that they are not professionals. You hired a professional to document your wedding day, don’t let other people get in the way.

Often family members will end up getting in the way of the professional. I always ask other people to stand to the side and wait until I get my shots before they take pictures. I have had the unfortunate experience of relatives taking photos at the same time and their flash ends up in my photos, which would have been the bride favorite had their not been the glare of the other flash.

Often times “Uncle Tim” will try to direct the couple and the wedding party over the photographer. This confuses the wedding party and you end up with people looking at different cameras. While Uncle Tim is trying really hard to help, it’s actually not helping at all because both the professional photos and his photos have people looking in different directions. The best thing you can do is tell Uncle Tim to leave his camera at home and just enjoy the wedding.

Trust your photographer. He/she has done this before and they know what they are doing. They also spend hours upon hours editing and retouching your photos. Out of all the photos you have from your wedding, the professionals, by far, will be superior. Skin will glow, teeth will be whitened, the exposure will be perfect and all blemish will have disappeared, not to mention all the redness in people’s faces will be gone. Uncle Tim doesn’t even know how to do that kind of thing.

Work with your photographer so that you know where your family can stand and when they can take their photos. Your photographer will work with you to make sure your professional photos are amazing and make sure your family gets some great shots too.

Also remember that the posed photos outside are for your professional. There should be no other cameras there. The posed photos outside of the church/ceremony time of the bridal party (not the family photos) are designed for you to get the best bridal party shots possible. No one else should be at this part of the shoot: just the professional photogs and the bridal party. Friends and family should be on their way to the reception if photos are after ceremony, or if you opted for a first look session, they should be getting ready for the ceremony. Direction from one person is best during these photos, and any on lookers may be tempted to put their two cents in.


So the main point is: work with your pro photog. You are paying her/him to take the best looking wedding photos you will get. You don’t want to waste your money by letting you well meaning friends and family accidentally get in the way. Work with your photographer and stick to what they recommend and then back them up when and if your family isn’t listening. That way you’ll get the best photos possible and get the most out of your money! Work with your photographer and you can “plan your wedding to maximize your memories.”

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