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April 17, 2011

As a professional photographer I spend hours editing my clients photos. I retouch until my eyes hurt. Here’s what I’ve learned: even if your face doesn’t look shiny in person the camera will pick up any shine and magnify it, dark circles will be even darker, and shiny make up makes you look strange most of the time.

So what can we do to fix that? Simple: a little make up goes a long way! The two most important things for a girl to do before a photo shoot is use eye liner ALWAYS and put some concealer under her eyes. If you don’t wear eye liner your eyes will be lost in the picture. If you use a powder finish that helps conceal any shininess on your face. Always go for the matte finish.

I know you want to wear shiny eye shadow on your wedding day. Just go easy on it. While it looks stunning in person, I’ve noticed it doesn’t photograph so well. It tends to illuminate half of the eye and leave the other half un-illuminated…and it makes peoples’ eyes look strange. I recommend a more matted eye color with a little sparkle over it so it’s noticeable up close but not from across the room. It will make your photos turn out much nicer and there will be no glare.


As for men, they tend to be shiny too. I’m not saying they need to wear make up (please don’t) but if they have darkness under their eyes, concealer will lighten it and no one will even know he’s wearing it. I also would suggest he may want a very light layer of power foundation on his face. It will even his skin tone, help prevent shininess, and helps the sweat from the hot lights to not be so evident. Think about it guys-it’ll make you look better and no one will ever know!! As they say in the Men’s Warehouse commercials “You’re gonna like the way you look.” ❤

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