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Borrowed and Blue

April 17, 2011

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” Let’s talked borrowed ladies! Would you ever borrow a wedding dress? I could never do it, I think ever girl should have her own dress, however, I definitely can see wearing Mama’s dress.

That’s exactly what my most recent bride did. Her mama got out her wedding dress and gave it to her beautiful daughter to wear.

But what if mama’s dress is a little dated? Is it okay to make it more modern? Absolutely!

In fact, recent bride’s mama did that for her. She took apart her dress and sewed it back up for daughter so she would have a much more modern dress.

Now, if you, Mama or Auntie can rip apart clothing and put them back together-go for it. But if you are not amazing (and I mean AMAZING) at it—hire a professional. This is your wedding dress, you don’t want to mess it up.

This goes for any wedding or bride’s maid dress—don’t alter it yourself unless you are a professional, or almost a professional.


I’m currently a maid of honor who’s dress is too long. But fear not, for I know a local woman who is going to alter it for me, along with the bride’s dress and two other bride’s maids’ dress. And it will be less money than in the bridal shops. And she’s much friendlier than the lady we met in the bridal shop. Win/win? Yes.

PS if you’re local and need someone to alter your dress (wedding, prom, etc) send me an email and I’ll send you her contact info!

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