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A little Thank You

April 17, 2011

Love on your professionals

Little things go a long way. I highly recommend loving on the people who are helping with your wedding. If you are kind to them, they’ll be kind to you. They will be more willing to help you, the will be more willing to cut you a break, they will work with you in the future, and in a time crunch they will put in more hours and get things done faster.

So here’s what you should do: Bake your alterations lady cookies. She’ll appreciate them, think more highly of you and do better (and faster) work. If you get your dress from a small dress shop and not a big corporation, take them a picture of you looking stunning in one of their dresses. I even recommend writing a nice little letter telling them how much you loved the dress and how wonderful it made you feel on your special day! Write your caterer an amazing review letter-even if they don’t ask for it! Always ask for people’s business cards to give out to your friends! Give your hair stylist a head shot of your gorgeous bridal hair. Give your cake baker a nice bouquet of flowers when you place your final specifications for the cake. Take a cupcake to your florist when you go pick your flowers. If you are aware that a person has a kid, bring a little toy for their kid (believe me, doing something for their kid will really get their attention!) If they have a puppy, bring a biscuit tied with a little ribbon with you. You don’t have to do anything huge or expensive but if the people who are HELPING MAKE YOUR WEDDING know you are taking an interest in them beyond what they can do for you, they will go the extra mile for you. Tell them you appreciate them and their work!


You want people to remember you as an awesome bride? This is how! People like when you care about them beyond what they can do for you. They remember you. And they remember that in the future (like next time you need a cake, or alterations, or a decorator, or an event planner, or a florist…) Not only that, but these people have connections-and they’ll talk you up if they like you-who knows what doors it could open (*cough* job *cough*)

Think about it! ❤

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