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But what about my hands??

March 26, 2011

Okay, I’m on a posing kick. Last time we talked about you posing, now we need to talk about your bridal party posing. Your wonderful photog will pose you during posed pictures, but it’s your responsibility to tell your bridal party to stand the same way during the ceremony. I’ve seen too many bridal parties forget they’re being photographed while standing on stage. Hands in pockets=not pretty.

Be sure to tell everyone to stand the same way. It’s pretty easy for the girls: stand straight, angled toward the bride, both hands on flowers. You only need to specify what height to hold the flowers at (psst…waist level) However, the guys are a different story. They have no flowers to hold so they often forget they are being watched and we end up with some hands behind back, some clasped in front, some in pockets and it just looks messy. I personally prefer the look of all hands behind their backs, but you may prefer clasped in front. Make sure they know to put hands behind backs or clasped in front and never, never in pockets!


I definitely recommend threatening to withhold their slice of the wedding cake at the reception if they mess up hand placement during the ceremony—that will convince them to pay attention!! Haha

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