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March 25, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best posed bride of them all? Answer–you.

As a photographer I can give you all sorts of tips on how to look good in your photos. The best thing I can encourage you to do before you even get in front of a camera is get to know your own body in a mirror. Stare at yourself in front of a mirror. Look at what angles look good and what angles don’t. Do this up close (shoulders up) and far away (full body.) For example, if you tip your chin down you get a double chin, but if you tip it up we get the broad side of your face and chin which also makes you look bigger than you are. So you need to angle your face out and down at an angle. Remember, the camera captures things you don’t notice in real life (like if your face is shiny-not noticeable when standing face to face with a person but definitely noticeable in photos)

If you have a good handle on which poses make you look better you’ll be better prepared for your photo shoot. If you practice standing a certain way or angling your face and body, it will become second nature and you won’t have to worry about a bad photo on your wedding day.


I encourage you to look at magazines and notice how they pose. Watch tv shows about modeling and see how they move to look good in photos. Take note-sometimes they angle in really weird, even uncomfortable ways, but they get great photos. Just because a photographer angles you strangely in person doesn’t mean you will have an uncomfortable looking photo. I often have my clients angle and stand in ways that look strange in person but give rocking photos! Trust your photog and study up so posing is second nature to you. You will look comfortable, slim, and totally glamorous on your big day in all your photos!!

PS. I’m known as the one who “never takes a bad picture” because I pay attention to these things (and always know when there’s a camera on me) and even I have been known to (recently) tip my head too far to the side and end up looking all crazy in the pictures. If it happens to me, it can happen to you. Practice!

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