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March 22, 2011

As a woman, I have been to a lot of weddings. As a maid of honor, I learned a lot about how to put together a wedding. As a wedding photographer, I have learned a lot about how to capture memories from a wedding.

As a woman I have learned what makes a guest remember a wedding years down the road. As a maid of honor I have learned a lot about what makes the night memorable to the close family and the couple. As a photographer, I have learned what to do to make everyone remember the wedding as even better than what it was.

This blog is dedicated to my work as a wedding photographer and as a place to help inspire brides-to-be while planning their wedding to make the most out of their choices so that their photo memories will be even better than being there that night. Memories fade over time, photographs capture hose moments forever and can make or break just how you remember and look back at your wedding.

Photographers know what will photograph well, what angle to shoot something from, and how to edit it to make it even more dazzling than it was in person. They also know what to avoid when shooting. If a bride can look at what she is planning not only from the “do I like it” and “will my guests like it” perspective, but from a “how will this photograph” perspective she can maximize the impact her colors, decorations and placements will have on the overall look of her photographs. Face it, the night ends in only a few short hours, but the photos will live on forever. Everyone will look back on the photos and see just how stunning the night was…or what could have been done better. As a bride, which outcome would you want?

As a bride, there is something you can do about it. You can plan things with your photographers mind set in mind. There are simple little adjustments you can make to make something stand out in a photo-and in person. I find if you cater to how it will look on film it will also look better in person.

This blog is dedicated to helping my brides see what I as the photographer am going to see. And of course little tips on what I have learned does and does not work from all the weddings I photograph. You pick up a lot of small details when you are trained to look for them because you are photographing. These are the things I’ve noticed, ideas I’ve come up with, cute stories from the weddings I’ve been to, tutorials (maybe) and my photographs from the weddings I’ve been booked on. And of course if you have any ideas to share with my brides, let me know-I always love sharing ideas!

Thanks and look forward to getting to know you ❤

PS These are my puppies, Jayda and Lacey. You will probably see/hear a lot about them since they are my models for a lot of photos!! You’ll find they love the camera too!!

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